Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals Car Show

What is the Magic Dragon Street Meet Nationals in Lake of the Ozarks? The Magic Dragon Street Meet Me takes place from 29th April to 1st May on the Bagnell Dam Strip in Lake Ozark.


Over the course of the weekend, visitors and local residents in the Lake of the Ozarks area can come along and enjoy the amazing spectacle of hundreds of different makes and models of cars, trucks, and motorcycles, from Ford Model Ts to vehicles from the present day, all of which come from all over the United States. Last year the show’s organisers registered an incredible 1004 different vehicles, and this year they are hoping that the 23rd Annual Magic Dragon Meet Me show will be the best yet!


The Annual Magic Dragon Street Meet Me show is open until 5pm Friday, between 8am and 5pm on Saturday, and 8am and 3pm on Sunday. During show hours, the historic Bagnall Dam strip will be closed to normal traffic and families with young children can wander through the great collection of vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles in complete safety. Indeed, many previous visitors to the show have commented that the combination of electric atmosphere and amazing collection of vehicles makes it feel like the set of American Graffitti!


The car show takes place over the full three days and visitors can look around at their leisure. On Friday night, from 5.30pm, the annual Fever Cruise will take place and anyone with a registered car at the show has the opportunity to cruise the Bagnell Dam strip to the iconic sounds of the 50s and 60s. But even if you do not have the benefit of a cool car to ride in, you can still come along and enjoy the spectacle of these amazing vehicles, polished and gleaming in the light from the setting sun! And while you are there, enjoy a bite to eat and some fabulous shopping opportunities in the famous Bagnell Dam Strip.


Where does the name Magic Dragon Meet Me originate from?


According to the Magic Dragon Street Meet Me organisers, the unusual name of the show originates an aerial image of the magnificent Lake of the Ozark, which strongly resembles a huge dragon as the lake wends its way though the Missouri hills. The name “Magic Dragon” was used at the very first show that took place in 1987, and for some reason it stuck and has now become a firm feature of the show.

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