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Lake of the Ozarks Party Cove is one of Missouri's wildest party hot spots. The cove has been featured on Playboy TV, A Current Affair and Sexcetera. Party Cove stands out of all of the lakes in the United States as the #1 place to party with thousands of people from all over the United States making their way down each year to join in the fun.

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Party Cove is the popular name given for Anderson Hollow Cove, a cove in Osage Beach, Missouri that according to the New York Times is the "oldest established permanent floating bacchanal in the country."

This popular party hot spot is always filled with thousands of people drinking, having a good time, and even getting naked. Finding Party Cove is no problem. At about noon on any summer Saturday or Sunday, just nose your boat out onto the Lake of the Ozarks near the Grand Glaize Bridge. (where Route 54 passes over the water) In the late morning and early afternoon, hundreds if not thousands of boats - from jet skis and pontoon putt-putts to sleek cigarette boats to 40- and 50-foot yachts - are all headed at idle speed in the same direction. The cove itself is about a mile long and 200 yards wide. The most exciting event of the year is the 4th of July celebration and can have as many as 3,000 pleasure boats with around 8,000 aboard gather in the cove lining up in two rows with newcomers running a gauntlet of water cannon and taunts to take their clothes off. Party Cove or Anderson Hollow Cove is located in the Lake of the Ozarks State Park at the 4 mile marker of the Grand Glaize Arm of the lake. (About a mile south of the Grand Glaize Bridge) So come on down and join the party!

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For years now, Party Cove has been synonymous with some pretty wild stuff. It's been called the "wildest party in the Midwest," as well as some other pretty interesting things. There aren't too many people who live near the Lake of the Ozarks who haven't heard of it, and while there are assuredly some people who aren't particularly fond of the celebration, there are quite a few people who are. It's been deemed the "oldest established permanent floating bacchanal in the country." And if you're going to use a word that was based off of the, essential, God of Partying - you've probably got a wild one on your hands. And trust us; this one is nothing short of wild and crazy.

In the spirit of Bacchus, Party Cove has come to be known for its exciting means for getting drunk and rowdy - on a boat. If you happen to be a passenger on a boat near Anderson Hollow Cove, with an inkling to party, you probably couldn't pick a better place to be. Starting at noon, you'll start to see hundreds of different boats roll in, all with like-minded individuals. And the activities here are just as you would expect with a name like Party Cove, but the volume and all of the fun that comes along with it has to be experienced first-hand. It's a truly magical place, and if you're looking to party on the Lake of the Ozarks, there simply isn't anything like it. Hell, it's nearly impossible to find anything that matches it anywhere in the Midwest!

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Lake of the Ozarks Party Cove Map

And if you happen to doubt that claim, you should quickly banish the thought. You won't find a shortage of information regarding Party Cove in the internet, as there are a plethora of YouTube videos (which are very tame, by the way), articles, and there's even a Wikipedia page about it. And in addition to this, it has been covered by very many media outlets, and even Playboy TV has even featured it. And with Playboy carrying it, that definitely speaks loudly for the wet and naked wildness. As that's what they do, and they've been doing so well - they've become an American institution. But outside of the nudity and the partying (although most people don't need much more than that), there's a lot of fun when it comes to the people that you're around.

Outside of the general debauchery that comes along with naked people frolicking about, there's also the community aspect that comes along with it, as well as some of the other perks of being at Party Cove. For instance, where else are you going to see litanies of tethered boats all looking for a good time? It's really not known as a commonplace thing - especially not in the Midwest. This allows for a person to go from boat to boat, all with hopes of meeting and partying with people. And while you all have a common goal in mind, you'll still get to meet some really diverse people from different walks of life, all without a care in the world. And that's really what makes this place that much more worthwhile.

And there's not a better time to meet someone than when the drinks are flowing, as people are generally a lot happier and celebrating life. Chances are, you'll come to the conclusion that this is essentially one of the better things about Party Cove. You have a chance to interact with a lot of different people who are willing to forget everything that may be going on in their personal lives; instead, they take their boat to the cove and are willing to let it all hang out. In some cases, this phrase is absolutely literal.

And in terms of sheer numbers, there's definitely no disappointment there. Any given weekend, you can find over 3,000 boats with over 8,000 different people on them. They line up in two different rows along the cove, allowing for the newcomers to be greeted by water cannons and chants calling for the removal of clothes. For the voyeur or those who have a penchant for walking on the wild side, there probably aren't too many better ways to be welcomed. And from there, it's time to party with some of the most fun people in the Midwest. But it's not a bunch of people who are partying recklessly, as safety is definitely a huge concern when alcohol is involved. Safety is even more important when it involves motor vehicles, especially boats.

To combat this, the state employs 20 officers to guard the Lake of the Ozarks, all assisting in making sure that everyone is safe and secure when their partying. In addition to making sure that there's nothing especially hazardous, there are also checks for sobriety when the boat is in operation, allowing for everyone to come and go safely. This is definitely something that comes as a blessing for those who want to remain safe, as authorities has named the area the most dangerous on the Lake of the Ozarks. In 2007, there have been a couple of deaths due to negligence and intoxication. Fortunately enough, in the past couple of years, there have been provisions that have made the area safer for everyone looking to party.

So, if you're looking for some fun every weekend, there may not be many things comparable in the Midwest. For a good amount of hours, you'll find that Anderson Hollow Cove is nothing short of a flotilla that drinks heavily, gets naked, and has all of the deviant fun that some people need to break the monotony in their lives. And while it is a lot of fun, you can also expect for there to be a good amount of safety. So you won't have to worry about any kind of danger, as there are provisions put in place to assure that everyone is safe. And while it certainly isn't fun for the whole family, you certainly won't forget any time that you've spent at Party Cove.

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