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Though the Lake of the Ozarks provides a great way for families to come together -- astounding campsites, log cabins, and even jet skiing adventures-- the Lake also gives adults the opportunity to sample some of the elegant wine that Missouri is known for. As it is, the Lake of the Ozarks lands right in the middle of the Ozark Highland, one of Missouri’s central locations for expansive vineyards and incredible wine --it’s also home to the Central Wine region.

As such, some of the most well established vintners in the nation find themselves right in the heart of the Lake of the Ozarks. The Atlantis Island Condos offers visitors a fully loaded wine tour that allows guests the opportunity to visit four wineries in the surrounding area. Guests get the chance to see the famous Seven Springs Winery at Linn Creek, the Casa de Loco Winery in Camdenton (right at the centre of Camden County), Grey Bear Vineyards and Winery in Stover, and Eichenberg Winery located in Cole Camp (which just so happens to be the location of one of the first battles of the Civil War).

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Each of these wineries has its own specialized way of enthralling guests with their sights and their delights. Seven Springs offers a wine tasting of their expansive list of nine wines for $7 and gives guests a small token of their appreciation in the form of a wine glass. Their menu includes drinks for those who aren’t exceptionally keen on wine: Sangria Rojo, Concord Grape Juice, and Boulevard Beer. The winery also includes a list of eats such as light snacking, hand rolls, and salads.

Casa de Loco offers a more scenic view of their wineries which includes the picturesque view of the Big Niangua River. Beyond the beauty of the river, Casa de Loco offers Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre every other Wednesday night in November, which gives guests a thrill as well as exquisite cuisine.

To intrigue guests with more than just their sumptuous grapes, the Grey Bear Vineyards and Winery’s Deltec Home is designed in such a way to evoke an incredible image of power and safety. The house was designed to withstand hurricane force winds. Though popular in terms of the scenery of the coast, it’s quite rare to see this type of structure as far inland as this incredibly vineyard. As magnanimous as the architecture, the wines are just as delectable. With a list of 17 wines, the Grey Bear has won many awards in both Colorado --the vineyard’s birthplace-- and Missouri.

Rounding out the tour, the Eichenberg Winery has an incredibly personal history. Rodger Leutjen attempted to recreate a scene fro his childhood to give to his grandchildren. As a child, Leutjen played with his cousins in the tunnels and mazes that made up the grapevines surrounding his home. With a history that’s as personal as it is rich, one would imagine that the wine must be superb. That perception would be accurate, as the Eichenberg offers 10 varieties of wine.

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