Gravois Mills, MO

Gravois Mill, MO is one of cities in the county of Morgan in the state of Missouri with its county seat at Versailles. At an elevation of 682 ft above the sea level, only 9.41% of it is water. The demographical statistics of 2000 point that there were just about 208 people residing in this 2.2km2 of area. Though a small town yet it has a lot to offer the visitors round the year. There won’t be any dull moment when you are in Gravois Mills MO. Whatever you wish to do from dinning out in the best of the restaurants to helping out the neighborhood; all ideas of fun can be fulfilled here. There are Art Galleries, National parks, camping sites with RV Parks, boating and fishing just at drive away.

The kids will love the bull rides, pony rides and romps to the forests. They will have their hands and time filled with activities galore. Cycling round the city is another past time loved by the kids in Gravois Mills MO.

Gravois Mills, MO – Attraction and Events

One of the attractions at Gravois Mills is the apple picking event that is organized every year. It’s a fun that is enjoyed by young and old alike. There is a special feeling of glee when apples are picked so no one can ever forgo the apple picking event at Gravois Mills, MO.

Then there are other events that are slated in Gravois Mills MO for the near future which you can enjoy. Some of the meet up which are scheduled are Gravois Mills Tai Chi meet up and Meditation meet up for your well being.

The annual Hummingbird festival held in June and Fireworks over the Water on the Independence day are not to be missed.

So plan your next getaway to Gravois Mills MO and have the time of your life!

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