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Review of Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill

Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill is a well known restaurant and entertainment hot spot at Sunrise Beach in Lake of the Ozarks. Captain Ron’s has an enviable location right on the water front that includes boat slips for those who arrive via the water. Captain Ron's in Sunrise Beach, MOThe dining room resembles a giant ship, but if you visit during the summer, you can also choose to sit outside on the patio or beach. Captain Ron’s regularly features a wide range of live entertainment and for the vast majority of the time, the place is usually very busy, which means you should be prepared to wait a while for a table.

The food at Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill is loosely based around the theme of All American dishes. Fish features on the menu and one of the tastier dishes worth trying is crab cakes with sweet potato fries and grouper with jerk sauce. Other not quite so tasty disCaptain Rons at Lake of the Ozarks: Nightlifehes include the pork tenderloin sandwich with its rather lumpy consistency and the tough as old boots ribs in lashings of bar-b-q sauce.

Overall, despite the fact that Captain Ron’s definitely has a great party atmosphere, particularly in the summer time, the food leaves something to be desired. Some of the dishes on offer are very good, but many are lacking in quality, which lowers the overall enjoyment of the venue.

Service is for the most part excellent and the staff are very friendly, so if you are happy to come to Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill to enjoy the atmosphere the venue is famous for, the restaurant has plenty to offer. What Captain Ron’s lacks in decent food, it more than makes for in nightlife and entertainment value.

Overall, based on the atmosphere, I would give Captain Ron’s Bar and Grill 3 out of 5 stars based on the mediocre menu, but would recommend it for a fun night out.

Rusty Reiter
Chief Editor and Columnist


  1. Usernanc says:

    Captain Ron’s is located on the water at the 34 1/2 mile marker. If you are by the dam you will need to take the toll bridge about 20 minutes to get here. They have a great atmosphere including a dining room that looks like you’re on a ship, outdoor bars, a large patio and a sand beach. They also offer cabin, boat and wave runner rental. My favorite menu items are the Grouper (try the Caribbean crunch sandwich with jerk sauce), crabby patties and sweet potato fries. You can get your drink of choice put into a tall beer tower to serve your table. They have a variety of live entertainment. Be prepared to wait for a table. This place is always busy.

    St. Charles, MO

  2. Vooms says:

    My wife and I stopped into Captain Ron’s for the first time today on Mothers Day 2010. We Love a nice pint of Guinness and we were very happy to find it on tap here. We had pretty decent meals. I had a Pork Tenderloin Sandwich and the Better half had a spicy chicken wrap. Nothing spectacular, but nothing to complain about either.

    After having a couple beers each and finishing lunch we asked for the bill, it came and I was just curious to find out how much one glass of Guinness cost. 18.00 for 4 glasses .. 4.50 each which is not terrible.

    Here is the good part. After giving the waitress our credit card and she walked away with it and the bill she returned shortly after. now the bill was almost 10 dollars more than before. We looked at the bill again and she had added 2 more glasses of Guinness onto the bill. The waitress then never returned to the table for 10 minutes or more so I walked to the Bar and asked the manager if I could have a word with him, then I returned to the table and waited for him to arrive. 5 minutes later the waitress came back out to the table and asked if she could take the bill. I asked her what was going on and she said what do you mean.. I then said you can take the bill if you want but I have not signed it yet. Then I asked her why the bill was more when she came back after swiping the credit card. she left the table and finally the manager came to the table and asked how he could help.. I let him know the situation and he went off to the computer and 10 minutes later he came back and said that at the time the waitress tried to print out the bill it did not print. So he said the problem was when she should have hit re-print that she hit re-order instead so it re-ordered the last order she put in which was for 2 Guinness instead. I am not saying they did this on purpose, but I just want you all to know about it and to make sure you are watching the bills they bring out for you to sign, being that these bills do not show what you are actually ordered and only show the Tax and Amount.

    Camdenton, MO

  3. Lakeriding says:

    Out of town friends came to the lake Friday May 28, so we decided to treat them to a new lake experience, Captain Ron’s. Arrived at 05:30 p.m. on a holiday weekend, not too busy, seated quickly, friendly waitress. After deciding what to have, our group have tequila lime chicken, 2 pork tenderloins, and one hold out for ribs. We had an order of carp lips for the appetizer. The ‘onionring’ breading was so dry we couldn’t it, the pork tenderloins was a blob of meat, not flattened for a sandwich, with the same dry breading on the sandwich. My sandwich went back and nothing re-ordered, the ribs needed a hack saw to cut them, underdone, and smothered in barbecue sauce, but the hit of the night was the lime chicken. It was excellent!…The waitress was quick to push the alcohol, service was okay, but food was less than desired. The group did enjoy the atmosphere however.

    Camdenton, MO

  4. Munkel says:

    A group of use went here for an early dinner. It looked like it might be a great nightlife stlye place, but if you are looking for good food, this is not the place. They have indoor seating and outdoor covered seating with a volleyball court and beach. I had ‘steak’ burger that was ‘claimed’ to be seasoned with steak seasoning. It was nothing special. No one else in the group was to impressed either.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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